Multisite subscription FAQ

Our Perch Multi-site subscription is for standard Perch and allows you up to 50 licenses for a monthly subscription.

Are there any restrictions to the license?

Your licenses operate under the same terms and conditions as a normal “one-off” license except that the license is only valid while you maintain a subscription. If you cancel your subscription all sites covered would become unlicensed. At that point you have a choice. You could remove Perch from the site, or you could buy a one-off license, replace the license key in the config and continue without any other change to the software.

Can I group together with my web designer friends to buy a joint subscription?

No - the idea of the subscription is that it is for the use of one company. Use cases include:

  • you are involved in the maintenance and/or ongoing development of these sites for clients of your company.
  • you use the multi-site license for sites in development.
  • you have a site requirement that needs a large number of distinct domains each with their own admin.

In all cases you will be the Primary Admin for the sites in question, you are downloading and applying updates via the account in question.

If a site is no longer managed by you then as part of the handover the new site owner should get their own Perch license, in order that they are able to fully take on the administration and updates to their site.

Does the subscription include Perch Runway?

The subscription does not include commercial Perch Runway licenses, this is Perch only. If there is interest we may consider a similar scheme for Runway so “let us know”

Runway Developer “personal” licenses

As a Runway Developer license is the same cost as Perch we have enabled these to be created as one of your subscription slots. This is under the same terms as the normal “Runway Developer license”:/which-license. For personal use or for a work in progress only. Use of a Runway Developer license for a commercial website is against our license terms. When your site goes live, purchase a full Runway license and you then get your multi-site slot back for another project.

Can I transfer subscription licenses to a client?

If at the end of the project you separate yourself from the client and do not continue as the Primary Admin in charge of updating the site then on handover the client should buy their own license. This would return a slot in your subscription to you, and mean that they are able to log into their own account to download updates and so on.

Can I transfer a license from my subscription to a different subscription?

If you are passing a site on to another design agency who has a subscription they would just need to set up the site in their account, and change the license key. You would then get the slot back for a different project.

Can I use a slot for a short term project and then put another site in that slot once the project is ended?

Absolutely - in fact we see this as a really great use for a subscription. Short term marketing sites, sites for an event and so on would be a perfect use. As long as the site is offline or Perch has been removed you are able to use that license for a different project.

If I move a site from subscription to a one-off license do I need to reinstall Perch?

No, there is no difference in the software you install. The difference is the licensing. All you need to do is replace the license key in the config file.

Are Perch Add-ons included with a subscription?

Yes! All of our free add-ons and plugins for Perch are available, just as they are for one-off licenses.

Are “one-off” licenses going to go away?

No, in fact we believe this type of pricing only works because we have the one-off licenses. They allow you to give your client the confidence that their CMS isn’t tied to you and your account. If you part ways for any reason they are able to buy a single license and know that their site is licensed for as long as they need it, with no further payments.

Are upgrades included?

Updates within the current major version - so to any version of 2 or 3.* are always free, whether a one-off license or subscription. However with a subscription there would be no upgrade fees for your site should we at any point decide to do a paid “Perch 4” upgrade.

I have a different question

We’ve outlined a few common usage scenarios here. If you are still unsure or have questions not answered email us at and we’ll be happy to help.